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Meet our vendors

Entrepreneurs took a heavy financial hit when Covid began. We are proud to support these local crafters and artisans who make all the beautiful and useful things that aid in our practice! Please explore the artistic and spiritual offerings below. Cash and Visa/Mastercard accepted for purchases!

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Star and Crescent Casting

Brian Stanley designs and casts various forms of concrete, including wall plaques, statuettes, and other miscellaneous items.  S&C Casting has received notoriety for their sexually explicit garden gnomes, and Brian is happy to show them off at his vending table during Beltane! His inventory also includes altars, chakra stones, and runes.


418 Ascendant, by Bill Duvendack

Bill is an internationally known astrologerand western 

esotericist, in addition to being an author, teacher, publisher, tarot reader, and psychic. He is an ordained priest and bishop in Thelema who can provide ceremonies of any faith and type in accord with one’s beliefs. He is initiated in the Golden Dawn tradition, the Deboran tradition of witchcraft, and is ordained through the EGNU. He is also co-owner, along with Asenath Mason, and editor of Draco Press. With 14 years of teaching experience, Bill brings practical applications of metaphysical teachings.

Bill's background in ceremonial magick and astrology provides the background for his many western occult books, namely "The Metaphysics of Magick," "A Draconian Egyptian Grimoire," and "Astrology In Theory and Practice." He has authored over 10 books, and will offer signed copies for sale, along with readings through his personal oracle, "Oracular Leviathan."

Learn more at


Moon Twin Creations

Thorne Hart crafts jewelry from chainmail, sells wire-wrapped gemstones, hand makes gemstone breaded bracelets, etc. They also offers abstract acrylic-pour painting. Everything is made with love in their meditation room, where they can infuse every piece with calm and peaceful energy.


Loot Dragon

Vovin Lonshin will be giving sigil oracle readings from "The Book of Dream Names" which will give you the name and sigil of an Algolian djinn that will help you to make life changes in accordance with your desire, belief, and will. Loot Dragon will also have custom engraved talismans and other merchandise related to "The Book of Dream Names". Prices range from $5-$40. Learn more at


Owlkeyme Arts, by Laura Zakroff

Laura is a best-selling and award-winning author, artist, and witch. Her books "Anatomy of a Witch," "The Witch's Cauldron," "Sigil Witchery," "Weave the Liminal," "The Witch's Altar," and her deck  "The Liminal Spirits Oracle" will be available to purchase, along with DVDs of her performances as bellydancer Tempest, altar cloths, tarot bags, clothing, annointing oils, and a myriad of artwork prints and paintings. Laura works mainly in mixed media, combining printmaking techniques with painting and drawing, often using reclaimed wood and layered papers.  Her work explores the realm of myth and other liminal spaces. See her full catalog of artistic offerings at


Woodruff Witchery

Woodruff Witchery offers 12 Zodiac boxes including items hand selected for their alignment with each Zodiac sign. Each box includes 10 ml of essential oil; 2 oz of tea; a crystal; a 2 oz handmade candle blessed with dried woodruff and bewitched rose petals; and a booklet describing the Zodiac sign's significance, symbolism, and history. Woodruff Witchery is a solitary Ohio witch’s medium for serving the magical community. Through Zodiac boxes, she seeks to make astrology accessible to beginners and educational for experts. 


Mystic Healing Hut

Mystic Healing Hut will be at Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt offering a list of services at Special Tribe Prices! Daizy offers services such as massage, Reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, cupping, chakra balancing, and custom sessions. Come relax, rejuvenate, and re-align! As a minister, licensed massage therapist, Reiki master teacher, spiritual mentor, cupping therapist, shamanic mystic and sound healing alchemist, Daizy Dangle has practiced healing arts for over 20 years, often combining shamanic trance work into healing sessions and letting spirit guide her. In private sessions she often combines different modalities together to create an amazing spiritual, physical, & emotional healing experience for the entire body. Private sessions are personally customized for each individual Intuitively using massage, aromatherapy, Reiki, crystals, cupping, sound therapy and shamanic drumming. Prices are about $1 per minute booked in 30 min increments. She accepts cash, debit, credit, FB messenger pay, PayPal, quickpay with Zelle through Chase.


Interested in being a vendor?
We are accepting vending applications until April 1st. If you have any goods or services that are artistic, intuitive, smell fabulous, or uphold the spirit of Beltane, you're welcome to join us.  Please download the application here (in fillable PDF format) and submit it to, along with 3 promotional photos. Vending costs are the same as admission costs at time of application submission ($135 until Feb. 15th, $155 until March 15th, and $175 until April 15th), plus $20 for each person who comes in your group. You do not need to pay for any permits. Proof of vaccination must be submitted with your application. Please see all rules in the application packet.

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