About Beltane and

The Wyld Fire Hunt




BELTANE HONORS LIFE!  It is the transitional time between the zenith of Spring and the beginning of Summer.  The energies of the Earth are strong at this time, and waiting to burst forth from potential to conception.  On Beltane, sexuality and abundant fertility are the central themes.  The maiden goddess, or May Queen, is the manifestation of growth and renewal.  The young Oak King, or Jack-In-The-Green, proves his virility in sport to win her hand.  Their blessed union is then consummated, and she becomes pregnant.  They are the symbols of sacred marriage, or Hieros Gamos, and their ferility spreads abundance throughout the land.  This union of masculine and feminine, Earth and Sky, has been reinacted by humanity for centuries.  This is the night of the Greenwood Marriage, and the entire evening is steeped in sexuality and sensuality, passion, joy, and vitality.  This is when all plans, hopes, and dreams are transmuted into actions!!


The Hunt

The evening begins at twilight, when those attendees who have signed up to be the "predators" will dash out into the fields and woods of Gryphon's Nest, ready to pounce on their prey.  Those who have signed up to be "prey" will already be hiding, or running.  The goal of the predator is to chase down their prey, one by one, until they discover the prey that has been secretly designated the May Queen.  The goal of the prey is to slow down the chase, stumping the predators with riddles, and hiding the identity of the real May Queen.  Only the predator who outsmarts their prey and proves their vitality beyond their fellow predators will capture the May Queen, and be crowned Oak King.  The Sacred Marriage and ritual will follow (during which we will bestow blessings upon newly married couples and those who desire children), with the evening ending in a large outdoor gala.  Drinks and hors d'oevres are provided in the pool/hot tub area, and couples are encouraged to welcome Beltane into their lives by a-maying in the woods!  


The Rules

1. No inappropriate/sexual touching of another without their permission.

2. You must be 21 years old to be admitted to the event.  All attendees will be ID'd at the entrance.  No ID = no entry.

3. Those who become obnoxiously intoxicated will be escorted to their tents for the night by the stewards.  If you refuse to cooperate, you will be ejected from the campground or sequestered in a "drunk tank."

4. NO PHOTOGRAPHY or use of camera phones will be allowed at the event; Lamplight Circle is the only authorized party allowed to take pictures, and only of clothed participants.

5. Payment must be made before entering the campsite.

6. You are required to clean up/pick up all trash around your camping area.

7. Campers are responsible for bringing a tent, sleeping bag, toiletries, etc.

8. Food and beverage is provided for one night only, and all other food must be cooked at your camp site.  No campers will be allowed to cook in the clubhouse.

9. The overnight camping is provided to ensure that you do not drive drunk; please take advantage of it.

10. Gryphon's Nest Campground, Coven of the Gryphon, New Orleans Lamplight Circle, and the Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Project are not liable for any injuries sustained while participating in the event or while on-site.  All attendees must sign a waiver before entering campground.

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