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Be a Beltane Volunteer

They say many hands makes light work. That's definitely true at an annual festival. The helping hands in our community are what make our festival so successful, memorable, and safe. Learn how you can help contribute to this year's event.

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Volunteers make our Beltane festival possible! In addition to getting free admission to the festival (and some added perks), you'll be helping our community fund-raise for a worthy cause. Current volunteer positions at the event include:

Before Event

  • Fire Builders (5 positions)

During Event

  • Check-in (4 positions)

  • Clubhouse stewards (2 positions)

  • Safety satyrs (2 positions)

  • Gophers (1 position)

  • Camp Site Supervisor (1 position)

Event volunteers will be asked to sign an agreement stating that they will arrive no later than Friday at 12pm and will remain on-site until clean-up is complete on Sunday.

We're excited to talk to you. Please send us details and tell us what you're interested in.

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