Hands Together

They say many hands makes light work. That's definitely true at an annual festival. The helping hands in our community are what make our festival so successful, memorable, and safe. Learn how you can help contribute to this year's event.

Be a volunteer, presenter, or performer!

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Volunteers make our Beltane festival possible! In addition to getting free admission to the festival (and some added perks), you'll be helping our community fund-raise for a worthy cause. Current volunteer positions at the event include:

  • Bartending (2 positions)

  • Check-in (4 positions)

  • Clubhouse stewards/water nymphs (5 positions)

  • Safety satyrs (5 positions)

  • Fire Builders (3 positions)

  • Medical Tent Team/Naughty Nurses (3 positions)

  • Gophers (2 positions)

  • Camp Site Supervisor (2 positions)

  • Kitchen crew (4 positions)

All volunteers must be able to arrive at the campsite on Wednesday April 27th, and stay until clean-up is complete on May 1st. We may identify other positions in the future that we need to fill.

Beltane is always a blast, but it can also provide an opportunity to grow spiritually. Learning from others has always been a hallmark of our group, and we are seeking presenters who have useful and timely wisdom to share. While presentations can come from anyone, we prefer those who have taught in a public setting before and have a measure of expertise in what they're sharing. If that sounds like you, we'd love to consider hosting your class! Classes are 1-2 hours long, take place outdoors (usually under trees), and must be able to accommodate social distancing. Presenters earn free admission for their classes. Fill out the form to submit your proposal.


We have had performances that have made us weep, laugh until we hurt, and blush hysterically. Belly dancers, fire dancers and flow artists, singers, ensembles, and bands, burlesque troupes, circus performers and aerialists, and the like are invited to Beltane! Free admission for the whole weekend is guaranteed, plus reimbursements for travel are included. Consider lending your time and expertise for a fun weekend and a worthy charitable cause. Please submit your contact info on the form to tell us more about what you do.


We're excited to talk to you. Please send us details and tell us what you're interested in.