The Rules

  • CONSENT IS KEY! Don't touch someone without their permission.

  • Must be an ID'd 21+ year old to enter!

  • Obnoxious drunks will be lovingly escorted to their tents.

  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY after sunset.  We have hired a photographer for that.

  • DO NOT take pics, video, bring in drinks, or smoke in ritual. Do not do anything that might disturb ritual.

  • You cannot purchase a ticket at the gate.  Advance purchase only.

  • Clean up your camping area, and take trash with you when you leave.

  • Campers are responsible for bringing a tent, sleeping bag, toiletries, etc.

  • A food vendor will be on-site selling food all weekend. Only the Saturday feast is included with your entry.

  • You will not be allowed to cook in the clubhouse.

  • Please don't drive drunk; camp out with us instead.

  • Gryphon's Nest Campground, Coven of the Gryphon, New Orleans Lamplight Circle, and the Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Project are not liable for any injuries sustained while participating in the event or while on-site.  All attendees must sign a waiver before entering campground.

  • NO CARS ON THE FIELD!  You can only drive on to pick up/drop off camping gear.


Let's dispel some myths about our event,

one by one


  1. Can I get in for free? There are currently 20 volunteer opportunities for those who want to get in for free. Please see the volunteer page for details.

  2. Is there security? Due to the presence of alcohol and our strong desire to make sure everyone stays safe and embarrassment-free, we will have the volunteer "safety stewards" crew to make sure people don't get hurt and, if necessary, to escort them to their tents.  If you are inclined to drink, please be aware that we may lovingly deposit you in your tent if you get rowdy. 

  3. Can I come camp early or stay after the event? No one will be allowed entrance to the campground before the event (except for volunteers).  For those who wish to stay an additional night, arrangements can be made with Cliff (the owner).  Email him at to work out details.  Be aware that you will have to pay an additional $20 per person to Cliff.

  4.  I saw that no children are allowed, there's alcohol involved, and there are Pagans spending the night together.  Is this the beginning of an orgy? NO!!  A gathering of Pagans in the woods does not equal an orgy.  No children are allowed because of the numerous bonfires, and there's alcohol because we're adults and it's a celebration.  Camping is provided because we don't want you driving drunk, AND camping is cool.

  5. Will there be people having sex in your ritual?  No.  The central act of our ritual will be a symbolic uniting of the May Queen and Oak King (i.e. clothes on, no sex).

  6. Will there be sex in other places?  Beltane is about sex and fertility, so people may have sex while there.  But it's not the wild west.  Anyone who wants to have sex will need to do so while being respectful of the people around them.  Gryphon's Nest is over 20 acres, so there's plenty of space for us to spread out and go unnoticed.

  7. What should I wear for the hunt?  We want to create an atmosphere that is wild and freeing.  We want you to get in-touch with your more animalistic self.  So your outfit should represent that.  The Holy are asked to wear white, flowing clothes.  The Hunters are asked to wear black and red clothes that blend more into the night.  Everyone should expose a little skin for body paint (and because you'll be hot when you're running).  Wear shoes for running too.

  8. Can I bring a camper? Campers are no longer allowed on the property.

  9. Can I bring my pet? Pets are allowed, but are subject to removal if there are problems. Remember that a lot of people bring their pets, and they don't always get along.  Have a back-up plan prepared.

  10.  Do I have to participate in all the activities? We have several people who want to be in the atmosphere of the hunt, but want to focus more on camping rather than running.  You are welcome to participate or not; the charge for the event is the same.

  11. Why are you charging money for a ritual? The main purpose of our fee is to have the funds to donate to the Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Project.  We also use the money to cover the costs of the event (venue rental, equipment rental, materials, alcohol, etc.). We use extraneous funds to help build the event up each year. None of the profits of this event are used for the personal enrichment of any individual.

  12. Do we have to bring our own food? Thursday night is the potluck dinner, so we hope that you'll bring a dish to share. There will be a food vendor selling meals Friday thru Sunday; however, Saturday night's feast is included in your ticket price.

  13. Can I bring a friend who's not Pagan? You can bring who you want; however, all attendees must be respectful of our spiritual gatherings and all the same rules apply to them.

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