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Attendees in line for ritual fire

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get into the festival for free?

Volunteer, performer, and class presenter opportunities are available, all of which get you into the festival for free. Click here to volunteer, or contact us below if you'd like to perform or present a class.

Can I come early, or stay after the event?

No one gets to arrive early, except vendors and volunteers. To stay after we pack up, you must make prior arrangements with the campground owner, Clifton Eaken. There will be an extra charge. Email him  for more info.

Is this a group sex festival, like an orgy?

The short answer is no. This is not a festival of sex; rather, it is a festival that celebrates all life-affirming acts, which can include sex (but also includes things like community-building and creativity).  We endeavor to be sex-positive , inclusive, and promote enthusiastic consent. 

Can I use a negative Covid test for Entry?

Unfortunately, you must be fully vaccinated (two shots of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine; one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, at a minimum) to enter. This include vendors, performers, presenters, and volunteers. We feel that this is the best way to minimize deadly Covid exposure, based on government guidelines and recent scientific findings. We hope we can relax our protocols during future events.

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We use all the funds gathered from the event to donate to worthwhile charitable causes, while also covering the expenses of hosting a four day festival (space rental, food, decorations, drinks, website fees, etc.). For those who are limited on funds, we offer MANY opportunities to get in for free. 

Why are you charging money for a ritual?

The planning committee's main responsibility is to assess the risks of the festival, and come up with creative ways to mitigate them. Any activity that poses a risk after we assess it will be struck from our schedule. We will comply with CDC and WHO guidelines; however, a large chunk of responsibility remains in the hands of attendees. We ask everyone to follow the rules we lay out, or risk ejection without refund. We will lay out the findings of our assessment on our news page soon, but we believe that, in partnership with our attendees, we can limit everyone's exposure risk. 

Is it safe to do a festival during covid?

The clothing we wear in ritual helps us to elevate our consciousness. We ask that you wear either white, white and red, red, or black and red. Please no jeans or clothing you would wear on a normal day. You also have the option to be sky clad (naked) since the campsite is clothing-optional.

What clothes should I wear for the main activities?

Teepees, tents, and yurts are welcome additions to our Beltane landscape; however, we ask that you leave campers and trailers at home, as they spoil the immersion experience of being at The Nest. You are welcome to camp in your car, as long as it is parked in the parking area.

Can I bring a camper, teepee, yurt, trailer, etc.?

Obviously, service animals are allowed and welcome at our events. In addition, we allow you to bring your dogs with you, but ask that you clean up their droppings and omit them from group activities. There are usually a few dogs at Beltane, so make sure your dog plays well with others; otherwise, it may need to remain at your camp.

Are pets allowed? can I bring my dog?

You are welcome to do a little or as much as you'd like at our festival. Some people just use the event as a backdrop for their camping weekend, and we're ok with that. 

Do I have to do all the activities?

You will have the option to purchase food from our food vendor. Our Saturday night feast is included in your ticket price.

Do we have to bring our own food?

Every attendee must indicate at check-in if they are ok with having their photo taken by our event photographer. If not, then you will be issued a special wristband. We ask attendees to not take any pictures after sunset.

What if I don't want to have my picture taken?

Send us your questions.

Thanks for chatting with us!

Refunds must be requested in writing less than one week post-purchase until April 15th. After one week or past April 15th, tickets are non-refundable.  The only exception is if you or a household relative tests positive for Covid after your registration date. All transfers to individuals over 21 years old are honored, but we must still be notified in writing before the event. If the event is canceled due to the pandemic, all ticket purchases will be refunded. This is a rain-or-shine event.

What is your refund policy? What will you do with my ticket if you cancel the festival because of covid?

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