Due to the Coronavirus, all performances (with the exception of DJ Solar Bear) have been cancelled for this year. 


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Beth Patterson

Described by audiences as “a cross between a cobra and a puppy,” multi-instrumentalist Beth Patterson is foremost a player of the eight- and ten-stringed Irish bouzoukis (adaptations of a traditional Greek instrument). Known for her razor wit and musical versatility, her performances are chock-full of drive, savage energy, and passion, laced with humor and rapport with her listeners, dishing out an eclectic repertoire of original and traditional songs. She integrates her quirky, progressive sound with Celtic music and other ethnic styles.



Nik Prime aka (S¤LΔπ β€Δπ) is an accomplished DJ, producer, studio musician, songwriter, sound engineer, and experimental noisemaker from South Louisiana. He has been performing professionally for over a decade, and has been a mainstay at Gryphon's Nest for the last two years. Nik never disappoints with his unique blend of tribal-Infused heavy bass and classic rock trance mixes.


Liquid Flames

Liquid Flames: the swamp witches who flow through space like flames of fire!


This trio of diverse fire dancers met in the swamps of Louisiana and combined their experiences with Flow Arts, Bellydance, Costuming and Spirituality, to create a unique dance troupe. Together they elevate dance to a ritualistic experience.

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Wendy Rule

One of the most well-known singer/songwriters in the Pagan world, Australian-born Wendy Rule has created music for over 20 years.  Combining elements of gothic, folk, world, ambient and cabaret, Wendy's music crosses over into Pagan and New Age catagories with her many mythological, esoteric, and ritual references. Her latest album, Persephone, walks listeners through a beautiful and haunting retelling of the Goddess' decent into the underworld. Wendy and her husband will join us from their home in Santa Fe, before she heads out on her 2020 European tour.


Katie Cassard

A dancer, performer, & budding instructor, Katie fell in love with fire dancing in 2018. But this journey began in 2011 with tribal fusion bellydance classes. Since then, she has attended numerous workshops & performed on stages and festivals throughout South Louisiana and Texas including 3rd Coast Tribal Festival in Fort Worth, Tx with her troupe, GypsySouls, & for Harvest Moon Festival at Gryphon’s Nest. She also performed with Inferneaux Entertainment, LLC at CarnEvil, a part of the 13th Gate. She draws inspiration from tribal fusion belly dance, her sisters in dance, drummers who create beautiful rhythms for them, the earth under our feet, and the fire itself.