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Final Beltane Preparations Underway...

I hope that you and your families are safe as we enter a second month

in quarantine. I know that a few of you have contracted Covid-19, and I pray that Gaia's life force swells within you during our Summer approach, so that you can fight the sickness. To our community members who work as essential employees, thank you for helping us through these trying times. If anyone is in-need right now, please reach out to us on our Facebook community page, so that we can help you. Whether its resources, supplies, or just someone to talk to, we are here for you. I also highly recommend joining the Covid-19 Mutual Aid Facebook group, as there are hundreds of people that are able to help with your needs as well.

After a couple of discussions with Cliff (campground owner) regarding scenarios he feels are safest, we are further limiting the size of our event to 10 people total. As of right now, all slots are taken by participants who RSVP'd through our website. Emails will go out to those attendees today to confirm their place. If you are still interested in attending, you are welcome to message us through the website and get added to our wait list.

Additionally, the pool, jacuzzi, and clubhouse will be closed to participants, with the exception of the showers/bathrooms in the clubhouse, which will remain open. Only one person will be allowed in each bathroom at a time, and no one will be allowed to congregate/hang out in the clubhouse. All classes will be cancelled as well, with the exception of the crystal singing bowl soundbath, provided by Daizy Daigle.

I am currently working on ritual modifications and post-rite activities that embrace social distancing. As stated previously, all ticket purchases will be rolled over to next year's event, and this year's event is entirely free (again, limited to those who were approved to attend). Please make sure to bring your own camping gear, as you will not be allowed to sleep in the clubhouse.

We encourage you to:

  1. Wash your hands frequently

  2. Wear a mask when you are outside your tent

  3. Bring hand sanitizer to use liberally

  4. Bring your own food to cook

  5. Stay 10 feet away from anyone who isn't a part of your group

  6. Notify us in-advance if you fall ill or are unable to attend.

  7. Refrain from attending if you have a fever over 100 degrees.

Our goal is to live-stream the event on our Facebook event page, so that we can all share in Beltane ritual together (and apart). Details on that are forthcoming. In the meantime, please go outside as often as you have the chance to, and be a wild observer of the turning of the wheel! Nature will bring you beautiful scents, delightful colors, and a myriad of bees, butterflies, and other helpful insects during this time. We so rarely get an opportunity to enjoy it to this extent. But we hope that you will experience a blossoming of your life this Beltane!



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