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WFBH Plans to Caffeinate You All Weekend Long

For those of you who have attended WFBH in the past, you know that Friday and Saturday night can get a little crazy. We've experienced the Saturday night feast lasting until 5am, midnight raids that pillage the liquor storage (because some of our attendees wanted to relive their past lives as Vikings), and a general morning sluggishness that didn't wear off until well after noon. Coffee, therefore, has been a commodity at every WFBH. So we are preparing to give you your morning jolt this year.

Purchase one of our custom-made coffee mugs this year (with our original artwork on the side), and you'll receive coffee. For life. Coffee for life. What does that mean? You can bring that mug back every single year, and you will continue to get free coffee from us... for as long as we exist. COFFEE FOR LIFE, BECAUSE COFFEE IS LIFE!

In addition, we will also have some hair of the dog in the mornings as well (mimosas and bloody mary's for just a few dollars). WFBH has your morning wake-up jolt taken care of, so please help support us by purchasing one of our signature mugs (and yes, you can send us a message to order a mug in advance). There will be limited supplies available, and cash, credit card, and Paypal are accepted. All mugs are $25 each.


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