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Why Go to Pagan Festivals?

I have been out-and-about in the Pagan and syncretic communities for a while now, but I haven't been to a lot of Pagan gatherings outside of what's offered by my own community. It's a shame, because there are sooo many amazing festivals that offer worthwhile entertainment, thought-provoking classes that can help me deepen my relationship with the divine and delve into my own identity, while also providing the community space that almost all of us crave. My goal this year is to go to at least one Pagan festival outside of the New Orleans area, and connect with people I've never met before. I also want to see how other people host festivals so that I might catch some tips that can help improve each year of the WFBH.

One of our previous guest speakers for The Hunt, Jason Mankey, serves up some more reasons for getting out to Pagan festivals when you have the chance. Not all of us have the resources to travel to other states whenever we want; however, we need to be able to tap into the resources of our own community. Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Day, The Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt, Drums in the Swamp, etc... there are ample opportunities to experience Pagan festivals all around us. Voodoo Authentica does a free festival every year around Halloween, as does Sallie Ann Glassman with Anba d'Leau at Isle of Salvation Botanica in the Bywater. There's also the Sacred Music Festival at the New Orleans Healing Center, etc. Read more about Pagan festivals from Jason Mankey, and take advantage this April by coming out and joining us at WFBH, where we will have a roundtable on Pagan resources in our area. All of us will have an opportunity to share and connect!!

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