Due to the Coronavirus, all art installations will be pushed to our 2022 celebration!

A society can be wiped from the face of the Earth, but their culture will live through their art, crafts, music, poetry, and stories! These things are an expression of the sacred made to communicate between hearts and spirits.



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Labyrinth Walk

The labyrinth is a regular fixture at The Nest, made of tall grass that meanders in a fixed design. It is open all day and night, and invites the wanderer to discover its center. Each step you take in the labyrinth is an opportunity to make personal reflections and create a personal ritual of contemplation for yourself!


Meditation Tree

This is an installation that we began 2 years ago.  The quotations on the cut wood pieces are meant to inspire attendees to sit and meditate wherever they feel comfortable, but especially under the tree itself. Eventually, the outer bark of the tree will surround and envelope the cut wood pieces.


Mimir's Oak

Mimir is the oracular giant-god in Norse mythology. He is often seen as the god of oracles and prophecy. His name means “the rememberer," and he was considered the wisest of the Aesir. In his honor, we will create a special interactive installation in one of our beautiful oaks on the property, as a place for beginners to dive into rune reading. Using a number of helpful placards, aspiring readers can try their hand at interpreting the Elder Futhark, Odin's gift to mankind.


Circle of Signs

Sigils have been used in European witchcraft, Brucherei, Vodou, Heathenism, and many other spiritual paths. Use them to confront personal weaknesses and challenge yourself to overcome obstacles. As you are drawn to one or more sigils, use their power to transform yourself and your world. Incorporate them into your crafts, and wear them as wards and magnets. In our Circle of Signs, you'll have many opportunities to use and/or modify a sigil that will hit home for you.