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A society can be wiped from the face of the Earth, but their culture will live through their art, crafts, music, poetry, and stories! These things are an expression of the sacred made to communicate between hearts and spirits.


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Labyrinth Walk

The labyrinth is a regular fixture at The Nest, made of tall grass that meanders in a fixed design. It is open all day and night, and invites the wanderer to discover its center. Each step you take in the labyrinth is an opportunity to make personal reflections and create a personal ritual of contemplation for yourself!


Sigil Sphere

Our ritual space will be encompassed by a circle of sigils, uniquely created by Laura Zakroff and empowered by the magickal practitioners of the WFBH. We will draw the sigils' energy into our rite on Saturday night, and refract it toward the land, our families, and our community.


The Yggdrasil Oak

We hope you feel pulled out of space and time as you make your way under the branches of this gargantuan tree inhabited by The Norns at the roots and the ancient runes dangling toward the Earth, in reach of humankind. 

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