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A Performance by Wendy Rule, and Cultivating Pagan Music in the South

Pagan music is scarce in Louisiana. We have Pagan music to the east and north and west, but Pagan music has been all but squeezed out of our state (possibly due to the strength of the Jazz and Afro-Carribean music traditions to which Louisiana can lay claim). Institutions like the Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Day have been able to draw musicians to New Orleans for the past several years, which has helped people in our community make connections to artists whose music can stir the deepest spiritual recesses within us. Enter Wendy Rule...

Wendy entered the Pagan musical world in 1996 when she released her first album Zero. Since then, her music mixture of folk, goth, world, and ambient music combined with esoteric, ritual, and mythological references have inspired and moved Pagans throughout the world. She has released eight albums over the past three decades and traveled from Australia to the UK, US, and Europe. She now resides in Sante Fe, New Mexico and released Persephone in 2019, a 24 track album that takes listeners through a journey of life and death.

Personally, I have loved Wendy Rule since I was 18, when I listened to "Think of the Day" off her Deity album for the first time. I am elated to announce that she will be performing on Saturday night at the after-party at our 2020 event this May. Wendy, being a native Australian, was devastated to learn about the bush fire destruction in her home country. Since our proceeds from this year's event will be donated to Australian bush fire relief, she was eager to perform to help the cause . You can listen to her tracks and watch videos on her website at

Supporting Pagan musicians can help attract more music to the Deep South. Please help this process with the purchase of Wendy's albums at the festival. We need more of a Pagan music scene here. The arts penetrate our hearts and minds in a way that books and classes cannot. It's through the experience of appreciating art that we deepen our relationship with the divine!



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