Buy a custom WFBH 2020 limited edition mug, get free coffee!

Anyone who's attended our events before knows that 90% of our attendees DO NOT rise early on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For those who recuperate faster but still need a morning jolt, WFBH will provide you one! Our coffee bar (which will also have teas both black and herbal) will be available in the club house on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning!

And like last year, The Hunt is bringing you a custom-made, limited edition ceramic mug designed just for us! Purchase a mug from us this year, and you are guaranteed FREE COFFEE FOR LIFE! What does that mean? It means if you spend $25 to buy a mug, then YOU get free coffee from us while the bar is set up, for every WFBH that you attend where you bring your mug from a previous event, F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!!

Yeah, I know. It's a hell of a deal. I know it's too good to pass up, plus our mugs were an absolute hit last year. We just want to show you some love. And to us, coffee is dark liquid love in a cup! We also know you don't want to make coffee before you've had coffee. So we'll take care of all that for you!

We are taking pre-orders for this year's mugs, and have 2 mugs left from last year's edition that are available as well! Click the button below to get yours before they sell out. Again, this is a LIMITED EDITION!


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Proceeds from each event are donated to a 501c3 charity. Please consider giving to support worthwhile causes affecting the Pagan community.

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Gryphon's Nest Campground is located at 19306 Bull Run Rd., Springfield, LA 70462.  Don't rely on MapQuest or your GPS systems-they never get it right!  Also when you get closer to the campground you may lose phone signal!  

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