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Call for steering committee members

The Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt will celebrate it’s 8th festival year in 2020, and we want to see it grow and thrive for many more! We are looking for creative movers and shakers in the Pagan community to provide input and direction for the development of The Hunt! Committee members will be responsible for:

  • helping to plan the event

  • assisting in the search for performers, vendors, presenters, and volunteers

  • assembling a set-up/breakdown crew

Committee members will receive:

  • free entry to the event

  • recognition on our website

  • an opportunity to contribute to the health and happiness of the community

  • the ability to unleash your creativity for Louisiana to see

Running this event is definitely a labor of love, but ultimately, we are looking to build it up, increase our donation to the GNO Pagan Pride Project, and build up a reserve of money to grow the event. If you are interested in helping to steer the course of this beloved festival, please reach out to us at!



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