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Schedule, Potluck, Volunteers, & More!

HAPPY OSTARA! I hope you had a great celebration of the opening of Spring. The flowers are beginning to blossom, everything is rainy and green, and it's only a matter of time before the hard heat arrives to pump up propagation to its zenith!

We are now one month away from Beltane, and I cannot stress this enough... the only reason this Beltane is happening is because we have had swelling support from the community. People have offered classes and performances and help building fires, and this kind of community involvement is what makes this event so special. From the depths of my heart, I thank you!

We've had a LOT of inquiry on Facebook about the event, so here are some answers to your questions:

  1. Daizy Daigle has been kind enough to lend her organizing abilities to our community potluck on Friday night. We're asking everyone to bring something to share. If you can bring a dish, please send an email to and she'll get you sorted.

  2. Clint Daigle has volunteered to set up Slip 'n' Slide Ball on Saturday, and we'll make it into a tournament, with the winning team getting prizes. It's up on our schedule right now, so check it out.

  3. VOLUNTEERS: If you signed up as a volunteer, check your email (including junk folder). You got an email from me. All volunteer spots are currently full, but if you'd like to be on standby, send me an email (

  4. Classes, vendors, and performances... it's a FREE-FOR-ALL!! Anyone who wants to teach a class can. Anyone who wants to sell something can. Anyone who wants to perform can. There's no special form, no advance class schedule, nothing. Instead, we'll have sign-up sheets with time slots for performances and classes... if you want to do something, sign up there, and go teach your class... teach it at your campsite, or under a tree... wherever you want. For vendors, if you want to sell stuff at your campsite, go ahead... same price as regular entry. Just remember that there are no cars allowed to be parked on the field, except for the special car camping area (which we will put at the beginning of the Faery Forest this year). NO DRUGS, NO WEAPONS.

  5. Vaccinations are not required this year, but all the same rules are still in-place (see here for rules).

  6. It often rains on Sundays during Beltane, and something that has become VERY popular is to leave your broken tent, your broken canopy, or trash at your site. YOU MUST TAKE EVERYTHING WITH YOU, INCLUDING THE BROKEN STUFF. You create a huge burden for volunteers when you decide to abandon the things you brought in and junk up a place that we all love and share. Please do not stress out our staff or Cliff this year with irresponsibility.

  7. It's BYOB, but please remember that if you get sloppy, the safety satyrs will lovingly escort you to your tent, for your safety and others.

  8. Sign up for Hunters, Holies, and Fae will be on-site at the Nest. Fae will be limited to three this year, to help control the chaos they create!

  9. We need people to build two campfires (wood is already cut... just has to be moved and stacked) and re-attach the beautiful gate we built last year (which was knocked down during the last storm) the weekend before Beltane. Come for a day, or camp out, either helps. Please email if you can help!

  10. There's no food vendor this year... we're just doing the potluck on Friday night and crawfish on Saturday night. Please bring your own food; however, to make it easy for everyone, you are allowed to use fridge space (first come, first served) and the kitchen to prepare food. YOU MUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. There will be clubhouse stewards there, but it's not their job to do your dishes. Please remember this is a space we ALL SHARE.

  11. We always have first-timers who are so curious about The Hunt, and we have never had codified rules before.... WE WILL (stay tuned for another post about it).

  12. Just like last year and the year before, the area behind the clubhouse is designated for campers who require access to electricity for medical reasons (ex. CPAP machines). You must bring your own extension cords.

  13. If you have reserved a spot in the clubhouse to sleep, please keep in mind that there are no beds in there... you're literally just reserving an indoor place (and the loft is a shared space); therefore, you need to bring your own air mattress, cot, sleeping bag, pillows, etc. This does not apply if you rented the bungalow, which comes with a bed, sheets, and pillows.

  14. This year's event is 3 days only. No ticket holder will be allowed onto the property until Friday when gates open. Only designated volunteers are allowed to come on Thursday to set up.

  15. This year's hunt will not last more than one hour. We reached dangerous levels of dehydration last year, so we're going back to a near-dusk hunting time with a shorter span.

  16. This event is 21+... no one underage is allowed onto the property at any time.

Finally, don't forget that you have until this Friday (March 31st) to purchase your ticket at regular prices. Come April 1st, last minute ticket prices go into effect.

I'm excited to see you all and make more Beltane memories. Look out for my next update, where I'll go into detail about this year's Hunt and Rite. See you in a month!



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