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WFBH Dining Menu...

The talented volunteers at GNO Pagan Pride Project are running the outdoor kitchen this year, providing meals throughout the weekend and the Saturday night feast (included in you ticket price). Check out the menu below, and bring cash/card for payment.


Biscuits & gravy-$5
Egg scrambles (peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese) with toast or bacon-$5
Pancakes (with side of bacon)-$5
French toast (with side of bacon)-$5
Half order biscuits & gravy-$3

Pulled pork sandwich with side item-$5
Kebabs (choice of chicken, shrimp or veggie)-$4 (or two for $7)
Hamburgers (with cheese, toppings, and side item)-$5
Grilled cheese sandwich-$3

Side items
Chips, baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad (can be purchased individually for $1)

Dessert items by donation:
Homemade cupcakes, brownies, & sweet breads; popsicles


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