We are New Orleans Lamplight Circle...


... a Pagan social, discussion, and activism forum operating within the New Orleans Metro Area. Our group consists of over 100 active New Orleanians who believe that uniting with common goals gives strength to our community, especially post-Katrina. Our events are Pagan-centered, and include workshops, subject presentations, open discussion topics, social nights out, holiday celebrations, festivals, fundraisers, volunteer activities within the city, and out-of-town fieldtrips. Our main objective is to provide free/inexpensive resources for the neophyte or experienced Pagan equally. Witches, Wiccans, Asatrus, Druids, Thelemites, Earth-lovers, Masons, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, etc., are all welcome in the pluralistic and common space that we create. 

Our Mission Statement is simple: 

For our love of planet, for our sense of community, for our longing to educate ourselves and others, 
we strive to:
Rebuild the Pagan community of New Orleans and surrounding areas by networking with other 
Pagan groups and individuals.
Provide Pagan social activities for our membership and the community-at-large when respite is needed.
Promote tolerance by educating others on what it means to be Pagan and doing volunteer
works in our communities.
Clean up our local environment through volunteering with local environmental organizations 
and sponsoring events that inspire others to care for their environment. 

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