What is New Orleans Lamplight Circle

Created in 2007, New Orleans Lamplight Circle is the oldest Pagan social, educational, and activism group in South Louisiana, We invite all people interested in a free exchange of ideas in relation to Earth-based spirituality. Pagans of every ilk and religious explorers are invited to share their beliefs and experiences at this monthly meeting situated in the heart of New Orleans. Our group strives to learn and grow spiritually, and to help each other, our society, and our planet. If you are sorely missing that feeling of Pagan fellowship, we would love to meet you!

We believe in community... coming together, working toward a common goal. To that end, we love and welcome our LGBTQIA, BIPOC, and immigrant friends. We hold both family-friendly and adult-only events, including brunches, festivals, field trips, camping trips, workshops, and round-table discussions. We endeavor to network with other Pagan groups in our area to provide a strong network of resources, and spearheaded the creation of the Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Project in 2011.

Meet The 2021-2022 planningTeam


Alec Gibson

Alec attained his degree in culinary arts while living in Baton Rouge and is currently pursuing his M.B.A. in Tennessee. He is a practicing heathen in New Orleans Lamplight Circle, and has served as the Wyld Fire's High Priest for the past six years. He and his wife Angie are well-known at Gryphon's Nest Campground's many events, and is the father of six children.


Tom Curtin

Tom has been part of the Pagan and polyamory community for over twenty years, and along 

with his wife Jessa, organizes Drums in the Swamp and Reunion of the Spirits at Gryphon's Nest Campground.  Tom has almost 40 years of experience in advanced technology strategy and data science. He earned an MS in Public Policy from the University of Rochester, was Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Buffalo, and served as the mayor of a small town. 


Ty Siddiqui

Ty is a practicing Gaian Wiccan working toward a bachelor's degree in business sustainability, and is the founder of New Orleans Lamplight Circle, Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Project, and the Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt. She is the nonprofit coordinator at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and has worked with nonprofit organizations in various capacities for 15 years. She is guided by a strong desire to bring communities together, and hopes to create an intentional community with her husband Sanan.


Vovin Lonshin

Vovin embodies the magician as creator. He has crafted albums, oracle decks, books of poetry, and designed 

rituals for many popular magical festivals. 

Vovin has been a active member of Gryphon's Nest since his first Beltane Hunt in 2014. He is a performer, VJ and musician, a poet and published author, workshop presenter, web coder,  and one of the Oracles of #LaRFI.


Alex Vanbeber

Alex is a New Orleans-based educator and diviner, specializing in heathen religious practices and medieval sorcery. Alex is the Vice President of Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride, and works to strengthen ties in the Pagan community. He and his wife Emily are the founders of the occult school Academie Gnostique.

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Thank you to our planning committee members for donating your time to make this event possible!

What Guides Us


Spiritual Connection

We believe the subconscious is the spiritual "seat" of the individual, so we create experiences that are steeped in historical tradition, symbology, poetry, pattern, and art. This is a language that can penetrate the subconscious, allowing the attendee to make connections between themselves and nature that they might normally overlook. 



We are people from different walks of life, careers, political opinions, and spiritual traditions, coming together as one tribe. We share a love for the land, and use this event as an opportunity to create unity in a world of division.



Diversity is part of what makes spiritual connections deeper and more meaningful. Anyone may be a part of the Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt... there are no prerequisites. We welcome and respect our LGBTQ, BIPOC, and immigrant siblings. We welcome the stranger and the non-Pagan.