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2024 Beltane Updates...

2024's Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt planning is underway! We had a wonderful celebration in 2023 with attendees volunteering their knowledge and talents for classes and performances, an amazing and HILARIOUS hunt with Michelle J. as our reigning May Queen and Chris J. (no relation) as Oak King, and entirely too much food for us to handle!! This year will be much of the same, with a few subtle changes.


First, I created and have operated the entire festival for the past 12 years, and I'm taking a much needed break for some personal issues, but I'm thrilled that 2 long-standing members of The Nest community, Daizy and Clint Daigle, have stepped up to continue our Beltane traditions. They will be operating the event this year, with me helping from home prior. We have an almost full compliment of volunteers to make the event possible, but are willing to accept a few more (and you get in FREE). Please click here if you'd like to sign up.

The Hunt

The Hunt and Beltane Rite are the central activities of the weekend, and if you plan to participate in the Hunt, you'll need to prepare ahead of time. You can be a Holy, a Hunter, or one of the Fae. You can choose to be Holy or Hunter, but the Fae will be selected onsite. . Those selected to be Fae will receive their instructions onsite. For Hunters and Holies, a breakdown is available below.


We will have vendors this year! Vending applications will open Sunday, April 14th, and close Saturday, April 27th. To vend, you'll need to purchase your ticket, and pay $30 to vend... our cheapest vending fee yet! Click here to make your payments. Then send promo photos and a description for our website/social media to Please include contact full name and phone number.


If you have purchased a ticket and would like to teach a class, please email us at You are also welcome to wait and sign up to do a class or performance onsite. Due to budget constraints, we are unable to offer free tickets to teachers/performers this year.

Last Year's Pictures

I apologize that it's taken this long to post our pictures online, but I had to delete our entire media library from our hosting page, and must resize and reload them all (it's 12 years y'all... that's A LOT). Links and passwords will be sent to last year's attendees as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience (some pics are already on the homepage at the bottom of the screen).

Our general event schedule is available on our website and more details will be added as we get closer to May Day. In the meantime, we hope you'll join us. Early bird tickets have expired, and regular priced tickets will expire Sunday, April 21st. Last minute tickets will be available until May 1. NO TICKETS will be sold after May 1st. We only sell tickets in advance, not on site. Please click here to get yours today!!

I am grateful for our 12 years of community celebrations and Rites of Spring! Viva la Beltane!!

Ty Siddiqui



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