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Time is Running Out to Register for The 2024 Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt! Deadline is May 1st.

If you've been following us on Facebook, I'm sure you've seen the awesome entertainment and interactive classes we have lined up for this year's Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt, May 3rd-5th at Gryphon's Nest Campground in Springfield, LA. We are very excited about this year's event, which features our signature Hunt and Beltane Rite. Read more about the aspects of the Hunt here.

We just want to remind you that the last day of ticket sales will be May 1st. Tickets go offline at 5pm, and we will NOT sell tickets at the gate. As of this post, we have 3 loft spaces still available; however, the clubhouse bungalow and private trailer have been taken. All of our volunteer positions have been filled (thanks to our awesome community members), and in addition to the classes, activities, performances, and vendors we have posted about on Facebook, everyone will have an opportunity to contribute something at the event (signup sheets will be available in the clubhouse).

This year's Hunter and Holy pre-rites will be led by last year's May Queen and Oak King, Michelle J. and Chris J.! Sanna C. will be in charge of Seelie selection (limited to 4 this year), and our closing ritual/Maypole dance will be led by Pocket Tracie! We have had such an outpouring of love in the form of contributions of talent and goods, and we are so grateful!

Here's a snapshot of our performers and special contributions this year:

As a reminder, we're doing a potluck Friday evening and are looking for more people to sign up. Last year's potluck was EPIC (ridiculously good food that lasted us through Sunday), and we'd love to see the same thing happen this year. Click here to join the FB event page and sign up for the potluck and bring something to share with your tribe! Our big drum circle will happen afterward, so make sure to bring your drums and noisemakers, and get ready to DANCE!

There will be light showers throughout the weekend, so make sure you're prepared to GET WET! An extra tarp under your tent is an excellent idea (ounce of prevention > a pound of cure), and we love to see your shrimpin' boots as rain boots at The Nest!

Finally, we have specific places at The Nest for setting up tents (and a specific place for car camping). For the area behind the clubhouse, we prioritize people with a medical need for electricity access (mostly people with CPAP machines). Please be conscientious when setting up camp.

A big thank you to our volunteers who went out to the Nest today to build our bonfires! Please remember that only volunteers are allowed in the campground before Friday at 3pm.

We'll see you Friday!

Ty Siddiqui


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