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"Bao Down" at Beltane: Food Fit for a Queen

The Beltane planning crew headed to NOLA a few weeks ago to eat with Chef Myisha (Maya) from Black Roux Culinary Collective. I'm not going to lie... I didn't know what to expect. Heading from the swamps to a city I don't spend a lot of time in to try some fancy food was definitely something I knew I'd only experience once in a life time. I don't have much to compare this too. I love trying new foods at new restaurants but this was completely different for me. Our hostess helped me embrace this new experience.

Chef Maya was such a delight to meet: she was very warm, inviting, and down-to-earth. When she began talking about visiting different states, Peru, and Greece to learn about different cuisines and flavors, I was so impressed. But when she talked about continuing her travels (with plans for South Africa and Thailand), I was in awe. This woman will travel thousands of miles to learn what makes great food and prepare it for me and others like me. Her home hugs you with happy plants and makes you feel like you could lay down on a fainting couch with a glass of iced tea while someone fans you! I wasn't paying attention when she reached around to the counter to grab our samples from the proposed Wyld Fire menu.

She served these platters of small plates and I was so impressed by how delicate they were! Her presentation of all the dishes (and she explained them in detail) was exquisite. She put together these amazing flavor combinations that made me wish I had more on my plate. Trust me... I didn't miss a single drop of sauce or a crumb! I savored every single flavor happening in my mouth because the alchemy was magickal! The beautiful dishes garnished with edible flowers was like something from a fairytale! And the DESSERT!

You'll just have to see what she has in store for you for on our feast night (Saturday, April 30)! Just trust me when I say it's all worth the wait! This is definitely an experience I will cherish, along with the company of some amazing people. What more could I ask for?! Oh yeah, that she would be this year's food vendor each day of the retreat, WHICH SHE IS!

Check out her menu below for the weekend. Cash or card is accepted, get some of her amazing Fancy Ass Olives and Black Joy: The Seasoning! If you'd like to see the menu items we chose for Saturday night, click here!



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