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Beltane 2023 is Cooking!

Good evening everyone!

The website is updated, registration is open, and I look forward to seeing your faces in late April for the 11th Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt!

Unlike many of our other years at Gryphon's Nest Campground, I'm going to take it down a notch and focus on forging our community connections. I am trimming performances, vendors, and classes from the schedule to allow ample room for people to really feel like the weekend is a vacation. We have early bird prices starting at $50 for 3 days/2 nights (with packages giving discounts for more people), and indoor accommodation rental is available.

The Beltane Rites will be the main feature of this Sabbat, and if you're unfamiliar with rituals associated with Beltane, you can check out our "About" page to learn about Beltane's past, present, and future.

Finally, team work makes the dream work! Beltane requires many hands to happen, which is why I need volunteers! 5 volunteers are necessary for cutting firewood and building our bonfire piles the weekend prior to Beltane. 10 volunteers are required at the event itself. Without these people, I will have to cancel this year's event. The deadline to sign up to volunteer will be April 1st, 2023.

To learn more and register before the Early Bird tickets expire (which will be March 1st, 2023), visit and join me in a celebration of The Wheel turning once more!



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