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Beltane as a healing festival retreat...

Pagan group of diverse young friends taking selfie in front of forest
Group selfie taken by B. Rivera during 2019 Beltane festival

Happy Imbolc to you! If it's an unfamiliar holiday: Imbolc is a Pagan sabbat that marks the point during Midwinter when we begin to plan our manifestations for the year. It can include divination (tarot, runes, pyromancy) and often honors one of the sacred Irish manifestations of Spring, Brigid (triformis goddess of poetry, black-smithing, and healing). While there are many ways to celebrate it, the Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt planning committee has been busy working towards manifesting an event focused on community connection as a method of healing. Since this is a little different than previous years, we wanted to give you the scoop on our theme.

Our Beltane event is always about community connection, but we are funneling our efforts toward the creation of greater, more inclusive, and more intimate connections and support networks throughout our community, and using this as a way to heal us mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Since Covid-19 has been a long-suffering condition that can diminish our health, our emotional well-being, our relationships with friends/family, how we feel about our community-at-large, and our ability to ground ourselves and give/receive love, we have refocused Beltane into a festival retreat.

Many of the activities that make Beltane special are still present (the classes, the Hunt with hunters and holies, the Beltane ritual), but we are connecting with more diverse organizations and teachers in the area to bring new content to the event, including:

  • Zendo/Harm Reduction Tent - this safe area separated from noise and crowds allows attendees to decompress, meditate, and talk through issues with trained volunteers who can provide support during a festival with many activities. This is also where our medical area will be centered.

  • Peruvian Cacao Opening Ritual - This heart-opening ritual will allow you to connect more intimately with others, with yourself, and with the spirit of cacao.

  • Sustainable, Intentional Communities Class- Talk to actual intentional community owners to discover how others live and thrive in communities organized around cooperation, living off the land, and finding spirit in more wild places.

  • Ecstatic Dance - An opportunity to lose yourself in the music and movements of your body and to feel the power of surrender.

  • Shamanic Journeying - Take a guided ritual meditation to explore your connections to the world around you and those who came before you.

  • Eco-Sexuality Workshop - Learn about personal pleasure and the healing it can bring when combined with the wonder and beauty of nature.

Our class and activity list is growing extensively, and we welcome class offerings from local teachers and group leaders, not-to-mention performers, volunteers, and vendors. If you'd like to contribute to the festival retreat this year, please learn more here. If you're ready to throw off the ennui that Covid has brought and embrace openness, healing, fun, pleasure, creativity, and diverse connection, register for our event here while early bird pricing is still in-effect. We wish you a blessed Imbolc, and hope to see you at the end of April. Feel free to email us with any questions, and don't forget to connect with attendees on our Facebook community page!



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