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Pictures from last year's WFBH are online, but hidden!

Every year, without fail, it seems like hundreds of people descend on the WFBH Facebook page to find out when the pictures from the event are coming out. We hate to disappoint people, but it sometimes takes many, MANY months for those pictures to see the light of day. Our photographer does numerous touch-ups with each photo, and this takes TIME! We are happy to announce that pictures from 2018's Hunt are now online, BUT HIDDEN! Each attendee will receive an email with a special website link that will take them to the online gallery. This gallery cannot be searched for; it's not available through search engines. This helps to insure privacy for attendees who can't share the fact that they just attended a big Pagan festival! Nude photos have been edited, and only the people depicted in the photo can request the original (via email).

We LOVE the fact that everyone is eager to see how beautiful they look, and to remember how much fun they had the previous year... and you will want to share these photos online. All we ask is, please use common sense when posting photos that depict other people. WFBH is all about sharing the love, but share conscientiously.



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