The heart of our events are the activities that bring us together as a tribe, and the rituals that elevate our understanding of and connection to the divine in our natural world. 


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Battle Axe Championship

Do you have what it takes to compete head-to-head in the biggest axe throwing championship in Springfield, LA?!? Brave warriors, come one and come all to Artemis' wall by the swamp dock to prove the truth in your aim! A knowledgeable axe-throwing enthusiast will be available for first-time throwers. Time slots for throwing will be available for Saturday only.


Friday Night Bonfire Dance Party

A glorious celebration to honor our newly chosen May Queen and Oak King! We will come together as one tribe and light the sacred flames of Beltane, then dance around the fires and into the night under a blanket of stars. DJ music provided by Solar Bear, and special performance by Katie G. and Katie Cassard! The bar will be on-site and open from 9PM to Midnight. This is the time to let your spirit soar free and dance like the gods command it!


Beltane Rite and Sacred Marriage

The Lord and Lady are alive, and magick is afoot!  In sacred circle, underneath the stars in center field, we will welcome the embodiment of the Goddess and God as our May Queen and Oak King are transformed, and witness the blessing and miracle of the their sacred union.


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the following activities have been cancelled.



Wickerman Opening Ritual

After the initial tents are set up and everyone's gotten comfortable, we will join together at the drum circle in front of the stage for our opening ritual. The Wickerman in the center is a symbol of our dying Winter, and we will burn it to usher in the Spring and make our commitments to growth for this year. Bring hot dogs to roast, and prepare to be serenaded by the talented Beth Patterson!


Pre-Hunt Fire Circles

Creating a sacred circle around our fire, hunters in one group and holy in another, we will open our minds and hearts to the meaning of Beltane and our roles in the rite to come.


Saturday Night Pool Party and Feast

Our festival culminates in a night of revery and feasting as we head to our pool party, where a magickal feast awaits us. Soak in the hot tub, swim in the pool, or hang out in the clubhouse in our living area. Our real treat for the evening is a performance by the gifted Wendy Rule! Our bar, The Cajun Carboy and Meadery, will be open from 9PM to 1AM!


Beltane Waterslide

Take a break from the heat with our custom water slide, perfect for bright Beltane days! The slide will be available during specific windows of time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


The Hunt

On Friday night, don your war paint, adjust your flower crowns, and get prepared to run!  One of our central events of the weekend will start at sunset, as our hunters track down each holy one-by-one in search of the May Queen!  Remember that the holy must wear all white, and the hunters wear black and red! Embrace your inner warrior, or cunning sphinx! NOTE: There are no gender associations with each of these roles, and you are welcome to sign up for whichever role calls to you the most.


Dance the Maypole

In our closing ritual, Ty Siddiqui and Alec Gibson will come together to bless and offer prosperity and fecundity to all those in the community who wish to take some of the potent energy from Gryphon's Nest home with them!

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