People in our community rarely have the opportunity to learn in a group setting from other practicing Pagans, let alone professionals. Our classes are meant to cater to people from different paths and interests, in order to provide spiritual growth.


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The Magical Solution, with Dorothy Morrison

Problems.  They're a part of life, and you deal with them as they come.  Once in a while, though, something particularly tough crops up. It's not something you can solve right away, so you bide your time and
wait - just hoping that the right solution will present itself. Sometimes it does.  But more often than not, it doesn't.  And that
aggravating problem just snowballs - gaining speed and power - until it spins right out of control.


Sound familiar?  Then what you need is a magical solution.  And that being the case, you won't want to miss this seminar!  Just bring that problem to class, and come away with a wonderfully magical solution
tailor-made to suit your own individual situation!


Grounding, Centering, and Creating Sacred Space, with Ryan Adams

If everything that exists is sacred, if the divine is found in all things, then why do we describe the act of purifying an area and casting a circle as creating sacred space?  What role does grounding and centering play in the process? In this workshop we will explore the magical antecedents of Wiccan circle casting as well as take a new look at the importance of grounding and centering as part of a personal magical practice.

Ryan Adams has spent over twenty years involved in Wicca as a student and teacher. He has spent time all over the country and around the world working with diverse groups of people from multiple spiritual backgrounds, always with a focus on growing communities and finding spiritual homes.  He is a 3rd Degree initiate of the Greencraft Tradition of Wicca.


Introduction to Astral Projection, with Asia Strong

Astral Travel can open your mind and body to new and amazing experiences and revelations by bringing you in true contact with your highest self. In this brief workshop we will cover some basics of Astral Travel and discuss the experience known as the OBE (out of body experience.) EVERYONE is capable of safely inducing an out-of-body experience. This class will start you on your journey with tips and techniques on how to build your own at-home astral practice and you'll be flying in no time. We will go over the basics of OBEs, what they are, and how they are different from meditation or lucid dreaming. We will cover some basic techniques on how to induce the out of body state and also how to navigate the various environments and planes that exist "beyond the body."  Learn how to use the Art of Astral Travel to contact spirit guides or loved ones, and as a valuable tool for fast-tracking your other intuitive, magick, or healing abilities. 

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Hot Love and Endless Romance Through Magick, with Dorothy Morrison

Love and romance.  They are, without a doubt, the strongest driving forces in the human makeup.  We dream of them.  Hunger for them.  And then we set off to search them out.  Not just any old love will do, though.  We set out to find the love of the century.  Something timeless and perfect.  Something that's able to cross all boundaries and overcome all obstacles.  All we're looking for is that forever kind of love that makes our hearts pound ninety-to-nothing and leaves us weak in the knees.  Is that too much to ask?

More to the point, does it even exist?

Yes!  And you can learn to find it with a few tips from award-winning author, Dorothy Morrison.  During this seminar, you'll learn love spell basics – what works and what doesn't – how to foolproof the magical effort so that perfect love is conjured every time, and how to keep love alive with an assortment of romance and seduction techniques.  But that's not all!  You'll also learn to speak a little known language – the language of love – guaranteed to bring you what you want more quickly than you ever thought possible.  If you've ever dreamed of finding your ideal partner, you won't want to miss this seminar!


Fire Circle Yoga, with Bianca Rivera

Fire is passionate and destructive, and a powerful tool to use for focus, energy-building, and energy-movement. In this class, we will explore movements that make our fire a part of our asanas, liberate our joints and muscles to let the energy flow free!


Intimate Massage Techniques for Partners, with Daizy Daigle

This class is designed for consenting partners to learn, share, and experience the art of Sensual Massage. The class will have a discussion on ways to set the mood to relax your partner and how different types of touch and sensation affect the body. I will explain erogenous zones and how increasing blood flow to certain areas will lead to more intense pleasure.  Partners will have a chance to explore and swap to practice these different techniques. Teachers Note: Please bring a blanket and pillow for the explore and swap. Please wear clothing that gives access to most of your body. Please find a consenting partner before class. Singles, show up early to possibly find one. If you do not have a partner by the time explore and swap begins you will be asked to leave. Disclaimer: We will NOT discuss or explore the specifics of Genital or Anal Massage during this class. The FOCUS of this class is NOT orgasm.


Stone Singing: Connecting with the Earth, with Ryan Adams

It is easy to think about our relationship with the world around us in purely intellectual terms.  We can sit and meditate, debate philosophy and the fine distinctions between pantheism and panentheism, the indwelling divine verses universal divinity.  Sometimes what is needed is to be able to reach out and grasp a direct connection with the natural world. In this workshop we will learn the practice of connecting to the Earth through the vehicle of song and ritual movement, singing to the stones and allowing them to sing their wisdom back to us. 

Ryan Adams has spent over twenty years involved in Wicca as a student and teacher. He has spent time all over the country and around the world working with diverse groups of people from multiple spiritual backgrounds, always with a focus on growing communities and finding spiritual homes.  He is a 3rd Degree initiate of the Greencraft Tradition of Wicca.


Class with Alex VanBeber

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Beltane: Why We Celebrate, with Richard Abbot and Dana Wiyninger

Join Richard and Dana, who draw on their decades of eclectic, ancestor, and Druid practices, to learn about Beltane's Celtic origins and traditions. Explore this festival and how it related to the seasons and thresholds, Earth energies, the Fair Folk, and other realms. We will use this time to strengthen our personal connection to our Land, here and now. Richard Abbott and Dana Wiyninger are Druid graduates of the UK based Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids training, are members of various Druid orders, and the founder of Bayou Grove in New Orleans


Daily Herbalism, with Jeremy Joy

Explore the healing power of plants/herbs in our day-to-day lives. We will discuss their Identification, applications, which part of the anatomy does what, edibles, history, and folklore. 82% of life on earth is plants, and this class will help you identify and use a few in your regular life.


Mead-Making for Beginners, with Michael Brandyberry

Most of us have been able to sample that sweet "nectar of the gods," called mead, at places like RenFest. Conversely, we might have been daring enough to try that bottle of Viking Blod that we stumbled upon at our local supermarket with the impressively-sized wine section. But on average, mead (wine fermented from honey) is hard to come by. 

Turning to the wisdom of our ancestors and re-energizing the southern tradition of brewing and making our own hooch, we want to encourage you to make your own mead! Michael Brandyberry (homemade mead enthusiast) will guide you through a simple recipe with do's and don'ts, helpful hints, and a little history behind this Pagan favorite!


Overcoming Fear: A Class in Firewalking, with Sean Mieth

Fire walking is an ancient practice that permeates multiple traditions and religions. Participants focus the mind and decisively walk across hot coals without injury or feeling any heat. It's a practice that can serve many purposes: this strength of mind is a magickal exercise to exert control over the body using one's will; it can allow certain people to transcend into a trance state; it can also allow you to confront the addage "you have nothing to fear but fear itself." Sean Mieth, experienced firewalker, will provide a tutorial regarding firewalking and its history, and guide willing participants across the coals. NOTE: Due to safety concerns, if it rains prior to the class, the class will be cancelled. Additionally, you must be completely sober prior to taking the class. It is your choice to take the walk or not. You will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to event entry.


Redefining Your Spiritual Practice, with Ty Siddiqui

The truth is, if you were asked how close your current spiritual practice is to what you want it to be, and you were honest, there's only a 10% chance that you would say it's exactly what you want it to be. Sometimes we adopt practices that don't match our beliefs, because the literature we have access to provides a "cookie cutter" method to spiritual growth. But really, if you're doing something that doesn't serve your actual beliefs or anything that requires more work than is practical for you, you're not going to do it for long. And then you may feel stagnant in your practice, instead of energized and refreshed. Join us in a practical class where we will talk about "out-of-the-box" practices that actually work for you, and legitimately make you feel empowered, energized, and connected to the divine.  

Ty Siddiqui is a Pagan and Hedgewitch with 13 years of experience teaching classes on a variety of spiritual and ecological subjects. She is the founder of New Orleans Lamplight Circle, The Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt, and The Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Project. Her personal practice focuses on crafting and seeing the divine within the mundane.


Sonic Healing Sound Bath, with Daizy Daigle

This healing meditation is guaranteed to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and a deep, restful sleep. This amazing journey into sacred sound begins with each attendee sitting or laying comfortable and then being "bathed" in sound waves and vibration from the various instruments including crystal singing bowls, & chimes, resulting in a deeply relaxing and healing meditative experience. Come and relax and soak in the healing sound waves. Be sure to wear something comfortable and bring something to lay on


Eros Magic: Practical and Philosophical Tips for Employing the Fire of Union, with Emily Schumacher

This class will focus on practices for honing and fulfilling desire with the Greek god of passionate physical love, Eros. Using historic practices from the Graeco Egyptian Magical Papyri, the Orphic conception of Eros as primordial creator, and personalized ritual construction techniques we will create our own workings to discover the nature of our passions, plot their smoothest course, and invoke the god of erotic desire to bridge the gap between the desirous and the desired. Participatory elements will include performing belomancy (archery divination) and creation of an incense blend based on an ancient recipe.

Emily Schumacher is an educator, writer, and ritualist. She is an initiate of multiple schools of mystery tradition, and oversees curriculum at Académie Gnostique in New Orleans, LA. Emily is also an artist, working in textile and paper mediums creating tarot, book bindings, and talismanic art.


The Future of Paganism: A Panel Discussion with GNO Pagan Pride Project

So you’ve been enjoying pagan fellowship all weekend, but how do you bring this sense of community back to your everyday life? Join the board of Pagan Pride for a panel discussion on getting involved in your local pagan community.