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Food and Drink

Delight in the taste of Summer with our featured culinary creations, snacks, spirits and mocktails custom-created for Beltane!

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Queenly Conjure Folk Magic Tea Room Pop-Up

Queenly Conjure is a Folk Magic Tea Room dedicated to reviving the art of tea. We craft intentional herbal

teas inspired by the feminine divine, the heritage of Folk Magic, and the cultural importance of Rootwork.

Promoting community healing, building, and sustainability one sip at a time.

We also craft curios, Herbal Smokes, blessed candles, and service Tea Ceremonies and Tarot Reading. Visit, or find us on IG @QueenlyConjure or TikTok @NewOrleansTeaLady.

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The Cajun Carboy Meadery

Enjoy our variety of meads, wines, and signature mocktails and cocktails, all honoring this holiday of love and delight! Our mobile bar takes cash and card, and will have the cheapest prices you've ever seen for liquor. Set up will be Friday night around the fire, and Saturday night post-ritual! Flavored waters will be available for free, and bottled water and soda will also be available for purchase.

Please remember that personal alcohol is not allowed out of your camping site.


Black Roux Culinary Collective

Enjoy our comprehensive Asian/Southern fusion menu with plenty of Vegan options to seduce and satisfy you! We are offering brunch and dinner on Friday, brunch on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday! Check out our brunch and dinner menu in this written review by Daizy Daigle!


Goddess Caffeina's Coffee Bar

The Beltane volunteer crew will be serving a variety of teas, coffee, and basic breakfast baked goods for sale in the clubhouse on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 11AM.  Those who purchased our coffee mugs from a previous Beltane can bring their mug for FREE COFFEE! Cash and card accepted. We're slinging this hot liquid gold in honor of the Goddess Caffeina, whose mythos might go something like this:

"Once, when goddess worshippers were being persecuted, a man named Julianus secretly prayed to the Goddess Caffeina during the night. Unfortunately, tired from his hard day of work, he would often fall asleep before finishing his worship. The man prayed for the Goddess to show him a way to stay awake. 

One day, while walking, he observed goats dancing and frolicking in an unusual manner. Asking the herder about their behavior, he was directed toward some shrubs laden with red berries. Deciding to try a few for himself, he felt a rush of energy and began dancing along with the goats. He took the berries home, boiled them, and made the drink we know as coffee. Drinking it every evening allowed him to stay alert during his prayers. Julianus later was crowned king as Julianus II but after his death, the worship of Goddesses and Caffeina was lost in history."


Nerthus Meads

Nerthus Mead is becoming a Northshore favorite, and Mike Lyons is proud to introduce this mead line to our retreat! Fermented from local honey and produce, every bottle of Nerthus Mead is bottled using recycled glass. Nerthus, a Germanic goddess of fertility who was written of by Tacitus in the 1st C. as "terra mater," or Mother Earth, is the inspiration for this delicious libation harvested from bees!


Chef Myisha “Maya” Mastersson, is founder and creator of the Black Roux Culinary Collective. She is also

the creator of artesian olive brand Fancy Ass Olives. She discovered her culinary calling in her great

grandmother’s Detroit garden. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Management

at Baltimore International College, she unleashed her pursuit of her passion for world flavors. Her flavor

travels included Alaska, Seattle, Greece, and Peru, each of which saw her food culture immersion. She

served as Executive chef at the Marqueen hotel, Manhattan Seattle, and private supper club executive

chef for The Ruins, later expanding her career by launching Celebrity Chef Maya LLC in Seattle. She used

her win from Food Network’s critically acclaimed Guys Grocery Games to debut Fancy Ass Olives. Her

successes continued with her appearance on GGG again in a Tournament of Champions, in season

12. Her sojourn through taste and dining traditions lead her to choose New Orleans for her home in 2019.

Chef Maya officially launched Black Roux Culinary Collective in New Orleans in 2019.


Black Roux Culinary Collective is a daring creation which combines intensive culinary classes, an exclusive

pop-up supper club, and culinary tours. The cosmopolitan tours provide sophisticated cultural and

culinary immersion. Black Roux Supperclub operates an exciting underground, invitation only, monthly

fine dining event featuring live music and 5 courses at exciting locations that are announced only to

ticket holders. Fancy Ass Olives is set to go live in retail outlets fall 2020. Known for her whimsical and

creative cooking style and flavor profile, the cuisine she creates is intended to evoke emotion and be

discussed. Black Roux is available for booking exclusively to private and corporate clients in the New

Orleans Metro area. Chef is currently Executive chef of Max Well New Orleans “pushing the boundaries

on what plant based food can be ''.

Beltane feast menu includes 2 appetizers, 1 salad, 2 entrees, and 1 dessert with Vegan options


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