An Army of Bag-Pipers Take Over WFBH

Haggis Rampant, the family-centered bag-piping and drumming ensemble, will take over as our evening entertainers on Friday, April 26th after The Hunt! HR has been entertaining crowds at LRF and PPD since 2000! Part comedy, part rhythm, part Scottish Highlands, part drinking... Haggis Rampant will make anyone want to dance a Scottish jig! Steve, Gillian, and Pam will make you remember all the good parts of Braveheart without all the terrible British involvement!


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Proceeds from each event are donated to a 501c3 charity. Please consider giving to support worthwhile causes affecting the Pagan community.

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Gryphon's Nest Campground is located at 19306 Bull Run Rd., Springfield, LA 70462.  Don't rely on MapQuest or your GPS systems-they never get it right!  Also when you get closer to the campground you may lose phone signal!  

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