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Attend the Hunt for FREE!!

The Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt is celebrating its 8th year in 2020, and we want to give everyone an opportunity to experience the magick and mystery of the hunt, its rituals, and the knowledge of its teachers! We rely on amazing community members who come forth every year to help WFBH be successful, and this year is no different. We are looking for knowledgeable teachers, ecstatic performers, and eager volunteers.

The advantage to contributing to the collective awesomeness of the festival is that you get in FOR FREE! That means:

  • Access to all other classes

  • Participation in the opening ritual, the Hunt, and the main ritual

  • Sun-soaked hours by the pool, and midnight jacuzzi excursions

  • A feast on Saturday night

  • The cheapest cash bar in Louisiana

  • An opportunity to connect with all the amazing people in our community

  • A chance to show off that new tattoo or body piercing in our clothing-optional space

We have already begun compiling our class schedule and volunteer roster, so reach out to take advantage of our offer!! You don't want to miss this!

Find more info on requirements here:



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